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iMRS 2000 Featured in The American Chiropractor


We are very excited to share the latest news about the recently published 4-page iMRS 2000 article in the “American Chiropractor Magazine” featured on the front cover:

“Pulsed Magnetic Healing A New Chiropractic Adjunct?”

The American Chiropractor Magazine is a family business with 3 chiropractors in the family. This prestigious magazine was founded in 1979 and has reached a monthly circulation of over 50 000 chiropractors in North America.

Dr. Glen Bobker of Fort Lauderdale, FL has been a major contributor to this article and is being interviewed on his success of incorporating the iMRS 2000 in most areas of his chiropractic office. A very substantial educational article, which you can download, print and use for your own education and as unbiased marketing material for anyone you encounter.


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