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[Reaction of the ultrastructure of the rat spinal ganglion to exposure to a pulsed electromagnetic field]


White noninbred male rats have been subjected to a total effect of the impulsive electromagnetic field (IEMF) of 100 mT for 1, 3, 5, 10 days, 15 min daily. IEMF produces an essential morphofunctional reorganization in neurons, gliocytes, blood vessels of the rat spinal ganglion. Light neurons demonstrate an earlier reaction. Manifestation of the ultrastructural changes depends on multiplicity of the IEMF action: at initial effects they concern predominantly cytoplasmic structures of the neurons, at multiple effects--nuclear structures also become involved, reactive changes in gliocytes appear and increase. Early and distinctly seen reaction to the IEMF effect demonstrates endothelium of blood vessels. The changes revealed in the spinal ganglion are reversible, but the time of restoration of the normal ultrastructure directly depends on multiplicity of the IEMF action.


Merkulova, L. M. and Sysoeva, L. A.








Animals Electromagnetic Fields/*adverse effects Electromagnetics/*adverse effects Ganglia, Spinal/*radiation effects/ultrastructure


Merkulova, L M Sysoeva, L A Comparative Study English Abstract


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Arkh Anat Gistol Embriol

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