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[Physiological basis of a possible increase in the efficacy of the photo- and magnetotherapy of the visual nerve upon partial atrophy and ischemia]


An approach to the choice of the parameters of physiotherapeutic and biophysical influence on the visual nerve was proposed. The approach is based on parallel photo- and magnetostimulation of excitable fibers in which the morphological and electrophysiological properties of fibers and some parameters of the pathological processes associated with partial artophy and ischemia are taken into account. A method for correlating the photostimulation by light flashes (intensity 65 mWt at emission wavelength 660 nm) of a portion of the retina with the choice of the parameters of magnetic influence (amplitude 73 mT, duration of the wave front of 40 ms, and frequency of pulse sequence of about 1 Hz) on the visual nerve was developed.


Shlygin, V. V. and Tiuliaev, A. P. and Ioileva, E. E. and Maksimov, G. V.








Humans Magnetics/*therapeutic use *Models, Biological Nerve Fibers/radiation effects Oculomotor Nerve/physiopathology/*radiation effects Oculomotor Nerve Diseases/physiopathology/*therapy *Phototherapy Physical Stimulation Retina/physiopathology/radiation effects


Shlygin, V V Tiuliaev, A P Ioileva, E E Maksimov, G V English Abstract Russia Biofizika Biofizika. 2004 Jul-Aug;49(4):756-9.


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