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[Magnetotherapy of initial manifestations of cerebrovascular disorders in hypertension]


The paper is concerned with the data on 147 subjects who underwent magnetotherapy with the unit "Magniter-AMT-01" applied to the cervical area. The main group included 102 subjects, 45 person served as control. The purpose of the work was to base the application of MT under inpatient and home conditions with the use of the above-indicated unit. In view of this fact, a study was made of cerebral hemo- and thermodynamics with the aid of rheoencephalography and encephaloradiothermography under the action of different modes of the functioning of the unit "Magniter-AMT-01" (pulse and variable magnet induction fields 12-15 mTl and 30-35 mTl). A method of measuring magnetosensitivity of patients depending on the temperature reaction of the brain to a single MT session was elaborated. The greatest clinical effect was attained with the use of pulse magnetic field 15 mTl. Magnetotherapy with the use of the unit "Magniter-AMT-01" provided good results under inpatient and home conditions. The magnetosensitive patients demonstrated the highest effect.


Miasnikov, I. G.








Adult Blood Pressure/physiology/radiation effects Body Temperature/physiology/radiation effects Brain/*blood supply/physiopathology Cerebrovascular Circulation/physiology/radiation effects Cerebrovascular Disorders/physiopathology/*radiotherapy *Electromagnetics Female Humans Hypertension/physiopathology/*radiotherapy


Miasnikov, I G English Abstract


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Zh Nevropatol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova

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