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[The effect of a low-frequency alternating magnetic field on the autonomic nervous system in children with primary arterial hypertension]

The paper provides cardiointervalographic data assessing autonomic nervous system (ANS) function in children with primary arterial hypertension exposed to low-frequency alternating magnetic field. Favourable effects of such magnetotherapy manifest in attenuation of sympathetic and vagotonic symptoms.


[The effect of a low-frequency magnetic field on erythrocyte membrane function and on the prostanoid level in the blood plasma of children with parasystolic arrhythmia]

As shown by clinical and biochemical evidence on 23 parasystolic children, the treatment with low-frequency magnetic field improves humoral and cellular processes participating in cardiac rhythm regulation. There is activation of Ca, Mg-ATPase in the red cells, a reduction of plasma thromboxane levels. Red cell phospholipid composition insignificantly change. Further courses of magnetotherapy may lower the risk of recurrent arrhythmia.


[The effect of a pulsed electromagnetic field on ocular hydrodynamics in open-angle glaucoma]

The influence of pulse electromagnetic field on the hydrodynamics of the eye in open-angle glaucoma has been studied using the method and the device suggested at the Filatov Institute. The characteristics of the action were: impulse frequency--50 Hz, duration--0.02 sec., pulse form--rectangular, rate of pulse rise--4/10(-4) sec., rate of magnetic induction rise--2/10(-4) mT/sec., amplitude value of magnetic induction at the pulse level--8.0-8.5 mT, duration of the procedure--7 min. Ten session in a total. Observations over 150 patients (283 eyes) with latent, initial and advanced glaucoma have shown that the usage of pulse electromagnetic field exerts influence on the hydrodynamics of the eye in open-angle glaucoma; stimulates the rise of aqueous outflow and production, the reduction of the Becker's coefficient. At the latent stage of the disease, normalization of outflow was recorded in 25% of cases, at the initial and advanced stages--in 17.8% and 16.0% of cases, respectively. The investigations carried out allow to recommend the mentioned method for a complex treatment of open-angle glaucoma.


[The effect of a pulsed electromagnetic field on the hemodynamics of eyes with glaucoma]

The influence of pulse electromagnetic field (PEMF) on hemodynamics of the eye in open-angle glaucoma has been studied by means of a method and a device proposed at the Filatov Institute. The PEMF characteristics are: impulse frequency--50 Hz, exposition--0,02 sec., impulse shape--square, rate of impulse rise--4.10(4) c rate of magnetic induction rise--2.10(4) mT/c, amplitude value of magnetic induction at the impulse height--9.0--8.5 mT, duration of the procedure--7 min., a course--10 sessions. Observations over 150 patients (283 eyes) with latent, initial and advanced glaucoma have shown a positive influence of PEMF on hemodynamics of a glaucomatous eye: a rise of rheographic coefficient and relative volume pulse in 87,99 and 81,63%, respectively. The degree of the rise and restoration frequency of rheographic values of the glaucomatous eye under the influence of PEMF to the age norm was more expressed at initial stages of the glaucomatous process (latent and initial glaucoma).


[The effect of combined treatment with the use of magnetotherapy on the systemic hemodynamics of patients with ischemic heart disease and spinal osteochondrosis]

The authors examined 66 patients with ischemic heart disease and concomitant cervico-thoracic osteochondrosis and 22 patients without osteochondrosis. Differences were revealed in values of the systemic hemodynamics with prevalence of the hypokinetic type in patients with combined pathology. Inclusion of magnetotherapy in the treatment complex of patients with ischemic heart disease and osteochondrosis favours clinical improvement, normalization of indices of central and regional blood circulation.


[The effect of low magnetic field on select parameters of blood coagulation]

Low frequency magnetic field causes the biological effects in organisms--in individual systems and organs. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of our study is to analyse the influence of the low magnetic field used in magnetotherapy on prothrombin time, factor Xa activity and level of platelets in experimental animals. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The examination was carried out on rats which were subjected to the activity of low magnetic field. The examination of prothrombin time in Quick's method (the international normalized ratio--INR was counted), activity of factor Xa by spectrophotometric method (lambda = 405 nm) were performed. The level of platelets before and after 14, 28 days of the exposition of magnetic field and after 21 days of exposure to magnetic field was assessed. RESULTS: The extension of prothrombin time (a decrease of INR), decrease activity of factor Xa and decrease platelets level was observed in experimental animals after the exposure to low magnetic field (p < 0.05 for all examined parameters). CONCLUSION: Low magnetic field used in magnetotherapy causes the changes in blood coagulation of experimental animals.


[The effect of magnetotherapy on the immunobiochemical indices of subjects with diseases of the periodontal tissues and joints]

Kept under medical surveillance in a health resort setting were 52 patients with disorders of the parodontium and large joints. All patients were given a complex therapy involving dietotherapy, therapeutic exercise, hydrotherapy, mud-treatment. Those patients having parodontium diseases were also prescribed topical treatment (chloride-sodium mouth baths and mud applications to the gingiva area). The main group subjects were also exposed to VMF using the unit for low-frequency therapy "Gradient-1". Laboratory means were also made use of, as a complex of biochemical tests characterizing changes in lipid metabolism. The level of the natural bodily resistance was determined by nitroblue tetrazolium test (NBT-test). The condition of the parodontium was evaluated by the Loe-Silness index. Adaptive reactions were studied by the lymphocytes-to-segmented neutrophils ratio. Adoption of therapy involving physiobalneofactors in patients with afflictions of the parodontium tissues and large joints makes for development of favourable in prognostic respect adaptive reactions.


[The effect of the physical factors of treatment on lipid peroxidation in surgical infections in patients with diabetes mellitus]

Lipid peroxidation was studied in 179 patients with purulent surgical diseases and diabetes mellitus. Magnetotherapy, laser radiation, low-frequency ultrasound, ultraviolet irradiation of blood, and sorbent application were used as therapeutic factors. It was found that laser and ultraviolet irradiation of blood, and application of sorbents to the purulent wounds promoted stabilization of lipid peroxidation, had a more marked effect on the course of the wound process, and reduced the term of treatment.


[The effect of the pulsed radiation of a fast electron beam on the fluorescence of solutions of biological molecules]

The intensity of fluorescence of amino acid and globular protein solutions, exposed to a pulsed electron beam in the presence and absence of the concurrent pulsed electromagnetic field was found to be a function of radiation dose. The observed decline in the fluorescence intensity was slightly dependent on the solution concentration and dependent on the time and dose-rate of irradiation. The effect of the concurrent pulsed radiation of the electromagnetic field was sometimes observed.


[The effects of different types of pulsed electromagnetic fields on fibroblast cell cultures]

The aim of this study is to determine which is the most effective pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) on a fibroblastic culture cells. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Five different types of PEMF are generated by a pulsed generator created by the author. The electric signal, received by a reference coil is pulse bursts type. The growth rate of a fibroblastic culture cells is measured with and without different types of PEMF. RESULTS: Comparative results showed the the most effective type of PEMF is characterized by a 15 mV positive amplitude of the signal and a 15 Hz frequency of the bursts. The intermittent stimulation (8 hours/day) was more effective than continuous stimulation.


[The effects of pulsed low-level EM fields on memory processes]

This pilot study examined the effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on the organism in humans. Using a psychophysiological test, the changes in memory performance were tested in 33 volunteers both at rest and upon exposure to pulsed fields (GSM standard). To evaluate the cognition performance, we applied a psycho-physiological test paradigm (auditory discrimination task) based on the "Order Threshold". The investigation took place in an acoustically-shielded room, and the volunteers were requested to relax on a stretcher. The exposure to electromagnetic fields took place during this relaxation time (30 minutes). Measurements were performed before and after the exposure phase, and compared to a reference situation of change in vigilance. Exposure to pulsed fields resulted in reduced mental-regeneration performance in 21 of the 33 test participants, as reflected by an increase of order threshold.


[The efficacy of pulsed electromagnetic fields used alone in the treatment of femoral head osteonecrosis: a report of two cases]

Long-term radiologic and clinical results of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) are presented with illustration of two patients having Ficat-Arlet grade 2 osteonecrosis of the femoral head. One patient (female, age 33 years) had bilateral involvement due to systemic steroid use, the other (male, age 39 years) had right-sided involvement of unknown etiology. Surgical treatment was ruled out because of aplastic anemia associated with significant thrombocyte deficiency in the first patient, while the other refused surgery. Pulsed electromagnetic fields were applied as the sole treatment modality in three hips for six months with a duration of 10 hours daily (at nights). At the end of 12-year- and five-year-follow-ups, respectively, clinical improvement was observed in all hips, with no radiologic deterioration. It is concluded that application of PEMF stimulation alone may be an alternative treatment modality in patients in whom surgical treatment cannot be performed for femoral head osteonecrosis, in particular Ficat-Arlet grade 1 and 2 disease.


[The efficacy of the combined use of 5-fluorouracil electrophoresis and magnetotherapy in experimental pancreatitis]

As shown on the experimental model of rat acute pancreatitis, an intensive 5-fluorouracil electrophoresis course in combination with magnetotherapy significantly reduces the activity of blood trypsin, amylase, lipase and corticosterone. The treatment is thought effective in experimental pancreatitis.


[The enhanced lethality of cells in suspension during simultaneous exposure to pulsed electrical and shock-wave acoustic fields]

We present the results of comparative experimental studies of the damaging effect of intense electrical field with a microsecond duration range, shock acoustic wave, and their combination on the ovary carcinoma cells. We found that upon a combined effect of pulse electrical and acoustic shock-wave fields of a moderate amplitude, practically all cells died. A qualitative physical model is proposed, which accounts for enhanced damage upon combined effect, on the one hand, by a decreased threshold of electric intensity of the cytoplasmic membrane breakdown at a temporal phase of pressure compression of the shock-wave pulse and, on the other hand, by a growth of cavitational embryos at a temporal phase of the action of stretching tensions of the shock-wave pulse, whose role is played by hydrophobic type pores appeared as a result of the membrane electrical breakdown. Possibilities of practical application of the proposed combined effect are discussed: in oncology for suppression of tumor growth and in biotechnology for cell disintegration and ecologically pure sterilization of liquid media.


[The in-vitro effect of constant and pulsating magnetic field on immunocompetent blood cells of hematologic patients]

Immunologic characteristics were studied in 103 patients with multiple myeloma, acute leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and non-Hodgkin's disease following in vitro exposure of blood to a low-intensity static field (SF) and alternating field (AF) or pulsating magnetic field (PF). In a SF-AF study of multiple myeloma, a 30 min exposure had a positive effect on expression of tumor cells and T-cell markers and stimulated the regulatory function of T-lymphocytes. With SF-AF and PF application alternating, the expression of both +CD3 and +CD4 and the +CD3/+CD4 ratio increased suggesting the lowering of immunological deficiency. In acute leukemia, a combined application of the magnetic fields had an effect on the helper activity of the T-lymphocyte subpopulation. The phagocytic activity of leukocytes increased significantly while their digestive ability rose to a moderate degree.


[The in-vitro effect of continuous and pulsed magnetic field on the colony-forming ability of bone marrow cells from hematologic patients]

The investigation was concerned with the effect of magnetic field on the colony- and cluster-forming potential of myelo- and monocytopoietic precursor-cells in different blood diseases. Bone marrow from 72 patients was exposed in vitro to low continuous magnetic field and to intermittent continuous and pulsed one--from another 22 patients. The ADMT-Magnipulse source was used. Magnetic field proved a biologically-active factor capable of changing the clone-forming properties, proliferative and, possibly, differentiating potential of hemopoietic precursor-cells.


[The influence of electromagnetic fields on flora and fauna]

This paper presents the influence of natural and artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF) on fauna and flora. The mechanisms of Earth's magnetic field detection and the use of this skill by migratory animals to faultlessly reach the destination of their travel are discussed, as well as the positive effects of electric and magnetic fields on plants relative to their physiology, yielding and health. EMF influence on social insects and animal organisms, including possible DNA damages and DNA repair systems, is presented. The influence of high frequency electromagnetic fields on birds nesting is also discussed.


[The influence of pulsed magnetic fields on SOD's activity and MDA value in metabolism of mice]

This experiment aimed to investigate the influence of pulsed extremely-low-frequency-magnetic fields on free radical metabolism of mice. Thirty-two mice were randomly divided into four groups and were exposed to 0 T, 0.25 T, 0.34 T and 0.64 T intensity pulsed magnetic fields of 20 Hz for 40 min. The 0 T exposed group was the control group. The free radical metabolism, SOD's activity and MDA, of mice were measured respectively. The result showed the SOD's activity and MDA of the 0.34 T exposed group were both significantly lower (P < 0.01, P < 0.05) than that of the control group, while the 0.25 T and 0.64 T exposed groups were not significantly different from the control group. This demonstrates that the biological effect of pulsed extremely-low-frequency magnetic fields on free radical metabolism of mice varies and depends on the intensity of the fields. The "window" effect may exist.


[The laser-magnetic phoresis of ascorbic acid in the combined health-resort therapy of osteoarthrosis patients]

In vitro experiments demonstrate stability of ascorbic acid pH solution and a 1.5-fold increase in ascorbic acid mass-transfer through semipermeable membranes in exposure to laser radiation and magnetic field generated by the device Uzor. Bioavailability of ascorbic acid was proved by adaptogenic and antioxidant effects of laser-magnetophoresis of 2% ascorbic acid solution applied to the affected joints in 79 patients with osteochondrosis. The above laser-magnetophoresis compared to reflex-segmental technique of laser-magnetotherapy is more effective and safe as to balneopathological reactions.


[The magnetotherapy of chronic prostatitis]

Low-frequency magnetic field generated by the unit ProSPOK was found more efficient than that of the unit Polyus-1 in physiotherapy of chronic prostatitis. The ProSPOK magnetotherapy stimulates ganglia, improves regeneration and circulation.


[The magnetotherapy of hypertension patients]

A study was made of the influence of the constant MKM2-1 magnets on patients suffering from essential hypertension. Continuous action of the magnetic field, created by such magnets, on the patients with stage II essential hypertension was noted to result in a decrease of arterial pressure without the occurrence of any side effects and in a simultaneous reduction of the scope of drug administration. Apart from that fact, magnetotherapy was discovered to produce a beneficial effect on the central hemodynamics and microcirculation. The use of the MKM2-1 magnets may be regarded as a feasible method of the treatment of essential hypertension patients at any medical institution.


[The optimization of an early rehabilitation program for cerebral stroke patients: the use of different methods of magneto- and laser therapy]

Magnetotherapy and laser therapy were used in complex and complex-combined regimens in 75 patients after cerebral ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke starting on the poststroke week 4-5. Clinico-neurologic, neurophysiological and cerebrohemodynamic findings evidence for the highest effectiveness of neurorehabilitation including complex magneto-laser therapy in hemispheric ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke of subcortical location in the absence of marked clinico-tomographic signs of dyscirculatory encephalopathy. Complex-combined magneto-laser therapy is more effective for correction of spastic dystonia. Mutual potentiation of magnetotherapy and laser therapy results in maximal development of collateral circulation and cerebral hemodynamic reserve (84% of the patients). Complex effects manifest in arteriodilating and venotonic effects. Complex magneto-laser therapy is accompanied by reduction of hyperthrombocythemia and hyperfibrinogenemia.


[The permeability of rat erythrocyte membranes for sodium and potassium ions during exposure to pulsed electromagnetic field under head-down-tilt hypokinesia]

The effect of a low-frequency (1 and 10 Hz) pulse electromagnetic field (PEMF) on permeability of erythrocyte membrane in 47 rats while being exposed to a 14-day head-down tilt (HDT) and in 60 control rats was studied. After exposure to PEMF (20 min, 6-24 mT) the rats were Na(+)-, K(+)-cotransport and Na+,Na(+)-metabolism, Na and K losses as well as specific activity of Na(+)-, K(+)-ATP in the erythrocytes have been measured. An ability of PEMF to inhibit an ATP activity by 20-30% and to increase the rate of ions loss from the cells has been revealed. Under HDT, these effects are preserved. The possible mechanisms of PEMF effect on an ionic permeability of the membranes are discussed.


[The role of physical balneological factors in the treatment of occupational diseases]

The authors review the results obtained in the treatment of some occupational diseases using physical factors. In osteoarthritis patients exposed to fluorine compounds good results were achieved at employment of decimeter-wave therapy combined with mud applications or sulfurated hydrogen baths. Patients with scapulohumeral periarthritis benefited from combination of EHF therapy with alternating magnetic field. Initial lead intoxication was effectively treated with magnetotherapy. Subjects with vascular pathology occupationally exposed to high temperature responded to magnetolaser impact on reflexogenic regions of the heart.


[The sequential use of local vacuum magnetotherapy and papaverine electrophoresis with sinusoidal modulated currents in impotence]

105 patients with chronic nonspecific prostatitis were examined and treated with papaverin electrophoresis using sinusoidal modulated currents (SMC) and local vacuum magnetotherapy (LVMT). Papaverin SMC electrophoresis and LVMT stimulated cavernous circulation. The highest stimulation was achieved at successive use of LVMT and the electrophoresis. LVMT followed by the electrophoresis maintained good cavernous circulation for 5-6 hours after the procedure in the course of which several spontaneous erections were observed.


[The significance of low-frequency magnetotherapy for local treatment of burns. An experimental comparative approach (author's transl)]

Under standardized experimental conditions 3rd degree burns were produced on the neck of 241 Wistar-rats. The process of wound-healing was documented by means of planimetric, histologic and microbiologic methods. In comparison to an untreated control-group the effectiveness of low-frequency magnetotherapy (system magnetodyn 5 by W. Krauss) as well as coagulation of necrosis according to Grob and autologous skin-transplantation were studied. The results obtained indicate that only early debridement of necrosis and subsequent autologous skin-grafting guarantees sufficient acceleration of wound healing. The low-frequency magnetotherapy according to Krauss showed no effect of therapeutic value. With the coagulation of necrosis, as described by Grob, a germfree status under the necrosis was obtained for nearly 2 weeks.


[The study of the mechanisms of formation of reactive oxygen species in aqueous solutions on exposure to high peak-power pulsed electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequencies]

Using the method of enhanced chemiluminescence in a peroxidase-luminol-p-iodophenol system, we found the formation of reactive oxygen species (in equivalent of hydrogen peroxide concentration) in 1 mM phosphate buffer under the exposure to high peak-power pulsed electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequencies (37 GHz, peak power 20 kW, pulse width 400 ns, repetition rate 500 Hz). The results obtained show that the formation of hydrogen peroxide in aqueous solutions under the action of electromagnetic radiation is the result of the summary influence of heat and thermoacoustic waves excited in the solutions.


[The treatment of hypoacusis in children by using a pulsed low-frequency electromagnetic field]

The authors provide specifications of the unit INFITA supplied with ELEMAGS attachment of their own design; the technique of treating hypoacusis in children with utilization of impulse low-frequency electromagnetic field; the results of this treatment in 105 hypoacusis children. The method was found highly effective and valuable for wide practice.


[The use of low-frequency magnetotherapy and EHF puncture in the combined treatment of arterial hypertension in vibration-induced disease]

Combination of EHF therapy + magnetotherapy + drugs results in faster and persistent hypotensive and analgetic effect compared to standard drug therapy, potentiates action of vascular drugs on cerebral and peripheral circulation, reduces dose of hypotensive drugs in patients with arterial hypertension and vibration disease.


[The use of magnetic devices in treating sexual disorders in men]

An effect was studied of appliances for magnetotherapy, such as <>, <>, <>, on sexual function of 105 men presenting with sexual problems. A total of 96 sexological patients were examined according to a general programme, to study placebo-effect. The magnetic field beneficial effect was recordable in 70-80 % of the patients, that of placebo in 33 % men. It is suggested that augmentation of sexual activity is associated with an increase in cavernous bloodflow.


[Theoretical and practical aspects of general magnetotherapy]

Such aspects of general magnetotherapy as grounds, mechanisms of physiological and therapeutic action, facilities, application, recommendations, perspectives are reviewed.


[Therapy of venous ulcers using pulsating electromagnetic fields--personal results]

The authors review the results of the treatment of venous varices by a pulsating electromagnetic field (PEMF), by the use of IVEMT-2 apparatus, treated at the Department of Dermatovenereology in Novi Sad and the Institute of Medical Rehabilitation. The treatment was carried out in 18 patients--5 men and 13 women, mean age 56 years, all with venous varices of post-thrombophlebitic origin. The number of sessions within the PEMF treatment was 10 per patient, each session lasting 15 min. The results were followed by measuring the varix surface prior to and after the treatment. The number of varices prior to the therapy was 26 and after the treatment was 20. The total surface of the varices before the treatment was 55183.90 mm2, the mean surface being 2122.46 mm2. After the treatment 6 varices epithelialized, while the total surface was 36902.51 mm2. The mean surface of the varices following the treatment was 1845.13 mm2. The varix surface reduction rate following the treatment was 33.13%. Considering the number of patients, the obtained results are preliminary and they reflect the benefits of PEMF for epithelialization of venous varices.


[Thermoregulation in hypertensive elderly patients during physiotherapy]

Effects of therapeutic physical factors on thermoregulation and thermoreactivity of skin were studied in 222 elderly patients with hypertension. It is shown that sodium chloride half-baths, "dry" carbon dioxide baths and general magnetotherapy correct thermal asymmetry and normalize skin thermoreactivity, i.e. produce a positive effect on microcirculation.


[Transcranial magnetic stimulation. Clinical trials in psychiatry: therapeutical use]

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is the noninvasive application of localized pulsed magnetic field to the surface of the skull, to cause a depolarization of neurons in the underlying cerebral cortex (Daryl E., Bohning PH.D.). Based on Reciprocal Induction (Faraday, 1831), and the Ampere Maxwell Law, according to which electric energy is associated with magnetic energy and vice versa, transcranial magnetic stimulation has been used during the last fifteen years in the diagnosis of Central Nervous System dysfunctions, its safeness and good tolerance having been proven.Since 1876, when Darsonval discovered that the use of a similar apparatus caused vertigo, phosphenes and fainting, thousands of transcranial magnetic stimulation studies have been carried out in the fields of Neurology and Psychiatry. The present is a review of clinical studies carried out in Psychiatry, specifically related to Mood Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Post traumatic-Stress Syndrome.


[Transrectal magnetotherapy of the prostate from Intramag device in prophylaxis of postoperative complications of transurethral resection of prostatic adenoma]

The authors analyse preoperative preparation of 91 patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Two groups of patients received conventional preparation (group 1) and magnetotherapy (group 2) before TUR of the prostate. The examination covered immune system, bacteriological indices of urine and prostatic tissue. Infection of the urinary tract is a main risk factor of complications after TUR. Conventional preoperative preparation fails to correct immunity, to change bacterial urine flora, to improve hemodynamics in the prostate. Transrectal magnetotherapy with running magnetic field eliminates deficiency of T- and B-cell immunity, raises functional activity of B-lymphocytes and phagocytic ability of neutrophils, reduces endogenic intoxication, tissue edema, bacterial contamination, number of thrombohemorrhagic complications. This leads to a decrease in the number of postoperative complications.


[Treatment of patients with invasive bladder cancer]

Radical surgery was made in 85 patients with invasive cancer of the bladder. 89.4% patients had the tumor of stage T2-T3. After the operation all 85 patients received 3 courses of adjuvant chemotherapy M-VAC in modification of the Cancer Research Center. The interval between the courses was 3 weeks. The patients were divided into two groups. The test group (n = 43) received surgical treatment, M-VAC chemotherapy and immunocorrection (general magnetotherapy, phytotherapy = cyclopheron). The control group (n = 42) received only surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy. It was found that the above immunocorrection reduces the number of postoperative complications 3.8 times, side effects by chemotherapy by 1.4 times. Absolute count of T lymphocytes and their active forms elevated by 42.8 and 35.7%, respectively, while CIC diminished by 48.8%. The addition of immunocorrection to combined treatment of patients with invasive cancer of the bladder decreased the number of recurrences for 2 years twice. 3-year survival was 1.5 times longer.


[Treatment of trophic ulcers of the lower extremities using a magnetic field]

The experience with treatment of 126 patients with ulcerous-necrotic lesion of the lower extremities of different genesis was summarized. A comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment depending on a type of the magnetic field: the constant, alternating, or travelling impulse one was carried out. The most effective was the use of a travelling impulse magnetic field. The results of the investigation performed give grounds to recommend the wide use of magnetotherapy in the complex treatment of trophic ulcers of the lower extremities.


[Tubal pregnancy: the experience of early rehabilitative treatment]

The surgical treatment for tubal pregnancy including laparoscopy and antibacterial therapy were combined in 30 females with early start (on postoperative day 1) of rehabilitation: psychotherapy, diet, therapeutic exercise, low-frequency magnetotherapy. Hysterosalpingography and dynamic dopplerography assessed the effect as good.


[Ultrasonic ethmoidotomy combined with intracavitary magnetotherapy in chronic polypous ethmoiditis]

The efficacy of ultrasonic ethmoidectomy combined with magnetic therapy was investigated in 90 patients. Ultrasonic ethmoidectomy was applied with the help of a LORA system consisting of a generator and an acoustic unit connected to a waveguide with a spoon-shaped end (44 Hz frequency and 35-40 microns amplitude). Under visual control the ultrasonic spoon was inserted into the meatus nasi medius, and the injured medial, superior and some anterior cells of the ethmoidal bone were opened. Bone trabecules of the cells were removed together with the polypous mucous membrane and polyps, by moving the concave surface forwards and keeping the long axis of the bent portion of the spoon in the vertical position. Follow-up of the treated patients during 6 months to 4 years revealed the absence of polyps in 79.7%. Repeated application of this treatment in the case of severe recurrent forms of polypous ethmoiditis improved the therapeutic efficacy.


[Use of artificial magnetic field for rehabilitation of children with malignant tumors]

Local complications of standard intravenous injections for chemotherapy and due to error of administration were compared in 400 patients (200 of them children) and general wound pathologies described. Treatment for wounds included two modalities: standard medication and alternating or pulsating magnetic field. Magnetic therapy proved highly effective: wound healing was 3-3.5 times faster while duration of treatment--2-3 times shorter than in standard procedure. Clinically-verified partial adhesion-related intestinal obstruction was eliminated by magnetic procedure in 18 children after combined treatment for lymphosarcoma involving the ileum.


[Use of Intramag devices with Intraterm and LAST-02 attachments in complex therapy of chronic prostatitis]

The examination of the patients exposed to physical factors (magnetotherapy, laser therapy and thermotherapy) has demonstrated that Intramag unit with attachments Intraterm and LAST-02 for local physiotherapy is effective in patients with chronic prostatitis and can be used in urological hospitals and outpatient clinics.


[Use of magnetic field in treatment of trophic leg ulcers]

Theoretical basis and favourable therapeutical application of magnetic field in case of trophic ulcerations of the lower limbs are discussed. As a clinical example of such action a case of a 39-year old female patient with trophic ulceration of the leg is presented. Practical advantages of magnetotherapy in similar to the described case patients are suggested.


[Use of magnetic therapy combined with galvanization and tissue electrophoresis in the treatment of trophic ulcers]

The results of treatment of 86 patients with the use of magnetotherapy in combination with galvanization and intratissue electrophoresis are presented. To create an electric field, the "Potok-1" apparatus with a density of current equal to 0.05-0.1 mA/cm2 was employed. Simultaneously, the "MAG-30" apparatus for low-frequency magnetotherapy with induction of 30 mT and area of exposure of 20 cm2 was applied to a trophic ulcer site. The use of magnetogalvanotherapy in the complex of treatment of trophic ulcers of the lower extremities is recommended.


[Use of magnetotherapy for treatment of bone malunion in limb lengthening. Preliminary report]

Two children with bone malunion after lengthening of congenitally shortened lower leg have been presented. The crus has been elongation 8 cm by Ilizarov method in 9 years old boy and 5 cm elongation of the tibia has been achieved with the use of Bastiani method in 8 years old girl. In both cases malunion has occurred. The radiographs revealed pseudoarthrosis (the girl, 6 month after operation) and centrally located bony defect (the boy, 2 months postoperatively). In both cases pulse sinusoidal magnetic field was applied successfully with cortical bone and marrow cavity restored in 2 months.


[Use of physical therapy measures in the rehabilitation of patients having undergone radical mastectomy]

Low-frequency electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, massage, exercise therapy and drugs were used in 90 patients who after radical treatment for breast cancer suffered pain and limited mobility in the shoulder joint. These procedures were intended to treat said complications, to normalize reflexes and to cut down the period of rehabilitative therapy. The treatment proved effective. No untoward effects on the course of the disease were observed within the first 3-5 years.


[Use of pulsating high-frequency electromagnetic fields in patients with diabetic neuropathies and angiopathies]

High-frequency pulsating electromagnetic field therapy was carried out in 22 patients with diabetic polyneuropathy and angiopathy manifested on lower extremities (18 men, 4 women, aged 48.2 +/- 6.3 years; 10 insulin-dependent persons, and 12 on oral antidiabetic treatment). The aim of the study was to verify the effect of this therapy on symptoms, neurophysiological findings and peripheral circulation. The diagnose of diabetic polyneuropathy was based on the electromyographic examination of foot and calf muscles, measurement of motor nerve conduction velocity of peroneal and tibial nerve, and sensory nerve conduction velocity of sural nerve. Diagnosis of diabetic polyneuropathy was based on electromyographic examination of the foot and calf muscles, measurement of the motor nerve conduction velocity of peroneal and tibial nerves, and the sensory nerve conduction velocity of the sural nerve. Diagnosis of diabetic angiopathy was established by oscillometric examination, measurement of skin temperature and claudication distance. The same methods were used for the evaluation of the therapeutical effect of electromagnetic field. Significant improvement of symptoms, and of all registered parameters of peripheral circulation was established after the therapy, but there were no significant changes of neurophysiological parameters. Therefore, high-frequency pulsating electromagnetic field is recommended for the treatment of diabetic angiopathy. In patients with neuropathic changes it can be used as an introduction procedure, or as an additional procedure to physical agents which are commonly used in the treatment of peripheral nerve lesion.


[Using combined magnetotherapy in patients with acne]

Laser Doppler flowmetry discovered microcirculatory disorders in acne patients. Affected are arterioles as well as capillaries and venules. Combination of magnetotherapy with medication improves microcirculation in acne patients. More marked positive changes occurred in the microcirculatory system due to combined treatment compared to medication therapy only. Thus, laser Doppler flowmetry is a new, noninvasive method of assessing microcirculation in acne patients and can serve an objective criterion of treatment efficacy.


[Verification of Polish regulations of maximum permissible intensities in electromagnetic fields by the Commission for Bioelectromagnetic Issues of the Polish Radiation Research Society]

Experts in the field of bioelectromagnetism have reported a growing need to verify Polish regulations on the protection against electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the 0-300 GHz range, especially in their maximal permissible intensities (MPI). There is a general belief that Polish standards do not fully comply with recommendations and directives of the European Union (EU) and that Polish regulations on the border values for environmental and occupational exposure to EMF are not harmonized. To this end, the Commission for Bioelectromagnetic Issues have been set up in the Polish Radiation Research Society. Following a through analysis of standards binding in Poland and EU, the Commission set about working on verified MPI values for EMF. This paper presents some comments of the Commission members, stressing the complexity of this undertaking.


[Which neurophysiologic effects at low level 2.45 GHz RF exposure?]

The LS electromagnetic band (1-4 GHz) is widely used both in domestic and industrial domains. Several studies suggested that the biological systems would exhibit a specific sensitivity to the 2.45 GHz microwaves (water resonance frequency). Potential human health hazards and especially a disruption of the cholinergic system have been reported, due to exposure to microwaves even at low power density. This work presents a multiparametric study of freely moving rat where neurophysiology was investigated during 70 hours using neurochemical (microdialysis technique), electrophysiological, behavioral (vigilance stages quantification) and thermophysiological approaches. The rats were exposed 24 hours to a 2.45 GHz pulsed electromagnetic field at low power density. In this exposure conditions, no significant effect have been reported.


[Which patients with major depression benefit from prefrontal repetitive magnetic stimulation]

Antidepressive benefit of prefrontal repetitive magnetic stimulation (RTMS) for one or two weeks varies between 6 % and 60 % (mean 37 %) improvement of the Hamilton depression scale vs. 12 % improvement following sham RTMS. This variance is probably caused by study specific stimulus parameters but also by genetic, psychopathological and neuropsychological characteristics of the patients as well as by the functional state of the cortex area below the stimulation coil.Data from 10 open and 7 sham controlled studies including two own studies comprising more than 300 patients with major depression have been published to date. In synopsis several positive predictors for antidepressive response of prefrontal RTMS become apparent: 1) younger age, 2) somatic signs of anxiety, 3) lack of cortical hyperactivity below the magnetic coil pulsed by 10 Hz stimuli, 4) cortical hypermetabolism below the 1 Hz pulsed coil.Negative predictors of response to prefrontal RTMS were: 1) Advanced age, 2) prefrontal atrophy, 3) cognitive impairment in neuropsychological tasks assigned to the prefrontal cortex, 4) psychotic symptoms, 5) cortical hyperactivity below 10 Hz pulsed coil 6) non-response to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).While prefrontal RTMS will probably not replace ECT in severe major depression with psychotic symptoms it could be beneficial especially in younger anxious patients without cognitive impairment.


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