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MRS 2000 and Lyme Disease

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Live TeleConference Call On Lyme Disease (Click Play Button to Listen)

Energy Medicine U Teleclass with special guest faculty members Jessica Daniels, DC anb Mark Collins. We will be discussing the use of magnetic resonance stimulation in support of LYME DISEASE.

To attend, Click the Play Button and Enter the Password "lyme" OR use the link below:
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MRS 2000 Review from Lyme Expert and Author Bryan Rosner

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HEARING: For the last decade or so all my friends have said I talk too loud. After I used the device, everyone else sounded normal but my own voice sounded as if I was screaming. I realized that the device normalized my perception of how I sound to myself, thus allowing me to talk quieter or in a more "normal" volume.

NECK PAIN: In 2004 I was the victim of a chiropractor who was also a part time contractor, pot smoker, and just plain idiot. This was before I learned that I need to be in command of my own health, and not to let anyone touch my body unless I trusted them. In any case, this guy jacked up my neck so much that I have neck pain, nerve pain, and numbness almost all the time.

It is so bad that it affects my life and causes some depression every day. I can't turn around and talk to or help my 2-year old in his car seat when I'm driving. Amazingly, after only 2 applications of the MRS 2000, my neck pain was 50% improved following some cracking and popping sounds in the area which provided tremendous relief of symptoms. This amazing feat alone would be enough to sell me on the device, but there are more benefits I noticed.

ENERGY, MENTAL CLARITY, MOOD: Although many of the treatments I used to fight my own case of Lyme disease worked wonders for me and returned me to about 90% health, I've never felt quite the bounce in my step that I did before Lyme disease (watch me talk about getting back that last 10%). The MRS 2000 gave me a herxheimer reaction which to me indicates it is killing bugs (even though I believe I don't have many left in my body). It also provided symptom improvement in my energy, mental clarity, and mood (Lyme sufferers have major mood issues at times). Probably the most compelling thing about this is the fact that, after I got to 90% well, almost nothing I have tried has given me improvement. It seemed relatively easy to go from bedridden to 80% or 90%, but after that, nothing seemed to help. In any case, this device seems to be something that has been missing from my treatment.

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Lyme Video Testimonial (Towards the End)

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