Do You Live Near a Cellphone Tower (And How the iMRS Can Help)?

Do You Live Near a Cell Phone Tower? 
In Chapter 7 of My Book, I share research that you absolutely need to know (especially if you live in a highrise apartment complex).

Here is some research I share in my Book:

There was a study in Belo Horizonte, Brazil done in 2011 by the Brazilian government that showed that people closer to the base station of a cell phone tower had a higher mortality than the average population. The deleterious effects fall off rapidly after the first 100 meters, but only beyond 600 meters did the mortality rates match the average population. Other studies have been done in Germany and other parts of the world showing the dangers of living too close to a cell phone tower.

So if you live further than 600 meters you are “statistically” safe, but if you live within 600 meters (especially closer than 100 meters), you should seriously consider moving or taking measures to shield your house or apartment.

Also using the iMRS  mat twice a day for only 8 minutes helps to offset the harmful effects by resetting your body and mind to the rejuventating frequencies of the earth.

(Check out to see if you have a tower close to you.)

I felt inspired to post this today because I JUST received a nice 5 star review of my book on Amazon which ILLUSTRATES the health benefits of using the iMRS  AND moving away from a close cellphone tower:

Read this powerful Review of My Book (on Amazon) Below:

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow….. this is an excellent book!, January 5, 2014
By  E. Davies (Point Roberts, WA United States) -
“Finally a book that helps me to understand why the therapy works. This is my story, right down to the lack of energy, telling my doctor that I felt as though I was not creating ATP, shortly afterwards I stumbled upon a clinic in my neighborhood and they gave me a live blood analysis which showed coin stacked or rouleauxed blood cells, that made sense, after a short session on the PEMF, another blood analysis showed some separation of the cells, they could breathe again. My energy return and pain relief was profound.

It turned out that they were using the apartment that I had recently moved into as a giant cell tower, I was 50 feet from 19 different pieces of equipment. Needless to say I bought a machine and I moved, thankfully I am fully recovered.

I still use the machine daily, I have sensitivities to EMR, and we are becoming more and more immersed in this technology,for me this is one of the answers this new challenge, I would not be without this therapy.”

iMRS Mat: How Does It Stack Up To Other Pulsed Magnetic Therapy Devices?

The new iMRS (iMRS = intelligent magnetic resonance stimulation), is the most advanced and effective PEMF therapy device available today. Plus, it’s the only PEMF mat that duplicates the natural frequencies of the earth, the Schumann and Geomagnetic fields.


When shopping for a pulsed magnetic therapy device, there are 3 broad categories of products. The first is the cheap handheld devices that only work (marginally at best) on a localized area. I have personally tried most of these devices and they are not worth the time or investment. Some are even battery operated, which gives weak and inconsistent power outputs. Plus you cannot tap into one of the main benefits of PEMF therapy, which is the full body mat (I’ll explain in the next paragraph). Then there is the expensive PEMF devices ($15,000++) that are either difficult to use OR they operate at unnatural and potentially dangerously high frequencies and intensities.


Then there are the high quality full body mat devices. These units are the best for home use and this is what I wholeheartedly recommend. When PEMF therapy was featured on the Dr. Oz show, Dr. Oz also recommended a full body mat PEMF device. Examples of the full body mat devices include the iMRS, MRS 2000, QRS 101, and Bemer 3000. With a full body mat device you can tap into the FULL benefits of PEMF therapy by working on the WHOLE BODY AND also localized areas. NOTE: All these PEMF machines with a full body mat have localized pillow/pad applicators and pen/probe applicators for spot healing. Even if you have a localized issue, you always want to start with 8 minutes on the full body mat. The full body mat opens up circulation, recharges your 100 trillion cells, oxygenates your body, relieves tension, reduces and eliminates pain and overall helps to relax the body and mind. I tell people, it’s like a whole body battery recharger, and at the cellular level, that’s an accurate description. You do not get this with the cheap localized units or even the expensive pemf machines.


16 Reasons why the iMRS mat is the leader of the pack


1) It’s the ONLY PEMF device that uses exclusively earth-based and brain state frequencies (roughly 0-30 Hz).


2) It’s the only PEMF machine that incorporates the 10 Hz NASA proven squarewave on the applicators for healing and regeneration.


3) It has a pure pulsating magnetic magnetic with 3 pairs of pure copper that is tightly wound. Most competitors use a mesh and plastic tubing that is not a pure field.


4) It simulates the earth with a graduated intensity from head to feet. This gives the gentlest intensity to head and neck and a stronger field strength to torso and feet.


5) It has a built in biorhythm clock to give you the ideal frequency for the time of day. In the morning the setting is primarily 15 Hz (beta brainwave for energy and alertness) and towards the evening and before bed it goes to theta and delta for deep relaxation and sleep. No other system has this.


6) The polarity on the mat changes every two minutes.


7) It has the only picotesla setting critical for people with chemical sensitivities.


8) The new anodized steel probe has the NASA square wave and a NEW higher intensity setting (up to 300 uT).


9) It has a new iGUIDE for practitioners with over 250 preset conditions.


10) The new iSLRS light and sound, which synchronizes the light and sound with the frequencies in the mat.


11) The only PEMF system with a HRV biofeedback that puts using the system on autopilot and balances the central nervous system.


12) It is sleek, portable and made of quality materials. It is now easy to fold and comes with a free travel bag.


13) It has a solid unconditional 3-year warranty with available extended warranty options of 4 and 5 years.


14) It’s simple and easy to use.


15) Optional accessories such as a lithium ion battery, travel mat, car adaptor and more.


16) The only PEMF device that is completely upgradeable with SD cards.


I hope this article has been helpful in your quest for optimal health and wellness. PEMF therapy is the best that energy medicine has to offer and the iMRS is the clear and decisive leader in full body mat pemf therapy.


The Top 9 New Features of the iMRS PEMF Mat Compared to the MRS 2000

The Top 9 New Features of the iMRS PEMF Mat Compared to the MRS 2000


The MRS 2000+ Designo (or MRS 2000 for short) arrived in North America in 2005, but the MRS 2000 already established itself for almost 10 years in Europe as the leader in PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy.


The MRS 2000 is no longer in production because it was replaced by the more advanced iMRS wellness system, which is now available at Both units use the same frequencies, waveforms, biorhythm clock and similar intensities, but the new iMRS PEMF mat has several new improvements.


Here are the top 9 New Improvements of the iMRS over the MRS 2000


#1 – Sleeker – The New iMRS is smaller, sleeker and more portable. The new control panel is 45% smaller than the MRS 2000, and it has a pearlized white finish that is beautiful to behold.


#2 – Digital – It is now digital and programmable with an attractive blue digital display. It also utilizes SD card technology for upgrading. This makes it easy and intuitive to use, easy to upgrade, more versatile with programmability for up to three users, and the system operates in 3 different languages (English, French and German).


#3 – Intelligent – Because it is a digital system, it is intelligent and automated. For example, the biorhythm clock will automatically set with the time of day programmed into the iMRS computer. Also you can plug any applicator into any plug in the back of the machine and it will automatically know which applicator is which (using a visual icon). Plus many other features that arise from a fully digital and programmable system.


#4 – Quality – All the applicators are updated with higher quality materials, more ergonomic and portable design and enhanced energy output (in the probe). The full body mat has creases that make it easier to fold. The cords come out the side for increased longevity and durability, and the new probe is made of anodized steel which is virtually indestructible (compared to cheaper rubber or plastic probe/pen/wand applicators).


#5 – Stronger- The new system is now up to 4 times stronger on the highest setting for localized pain relief, healing and regeneration.


#6 – Biofeedback – One of the biggest and most exciting announcements is the new iMORE system that is available (iMORE=Interactive Monitoring and Regulation). This is a technological advance that enables the iMRS to actually listen to your body using an advanced HRV (heart rate variability) biofeedback device that adjusts the systems intensity to maximize your health and benefits. This puts using the mat on autopilot.


#7 – Practitioner Friendly – There is now a professional model for licensed practitioners with a database of 250 conditions (called the iGuide) and settings for the pillow, probe and pad on all organ clock settings. This adds up to 3000 programmed settings. Available on the Professional system only.


#8 – Relaxation – The new iSLRS (integrated Sound and Light Relaxation System) is now made with higher quality and more advanced functions then the previous SLRS available on the MRS 2000. Also added are two additional color options (green and blue along with the standard red) and a larger music database with pre-programmed music that is synchronized to relaxing frequencies in the brain.


#9 – Peace of Mind – The new iMRS intelligent wellness system comes with an optional 4 or 5 year extended warranty so you can be protected longer and have peace of mind that your unit will be fixed or replaced if anything happens (3 year unconditional warranty is standard).

For more information on PEMF, visit Wikipedia.

iMRS Review – Pain Relief Testimonial

I bought the unit last July and have decided that this was one of the best purchases of my life and that no matter what I will always have an iMRS unit. The first improvement was to my skin after about a week. It became softer and more supple and less dry. The low-level pain that I often had in my right hand because of a long-ago sprain has gone. The pain to the upper right of my belly-button disappeard after I use the iMRS. This is a pain I get from time to time from caffeine or strong spices. In the past I had to go for acupuncture and soothing herbs when I got the pain. Now it goes away from using the iMRS. My right knee has always bothered me due to patello-femeral syndrome. Through exercise and the iMRS, the knee hardly ever bothers me now. I am getting colds less often and when I do get them, they last half as long. I don’t feel as exhausted as I did. At the moment, I have sprained my right foot and it is improving after using the iMRS. In fact I will be using that great machine after I send this e-mail. I used to spend a lot of money on alternative health treatments and now I use my iMRS, instead and thus save a lot of money. Hope that helps,
Olga Pidnebesny
Toronto, ON
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