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I bought the unit last July and have decided that this was one of the best purchases of my life and that no matter what I will always have an iMRS unit. The first improvement was to my skin after about a week. It became softer and more supple and less dry. The low-level pain that I often had in my right hand because of a long-ago sprain has gone. The pain to the upper right of my belly-button disappeard after I use the iMRS. This is a pain I get from time to time from caffeine or strong spices. In the past I had to go for acupuncture and soothing herbs when I got the pain. Now it goes away from using the iMRS. My right knee has always bothered me due to patello-femeral syndrome. Through exercise and the iMRS, the knee hardly ever bothers me now. I am getting colds less often and when I do get them, they last half as long. I don’t feel as exhausted as I did. At the moment, I have sprained my right foot and it is improving after using the iMRS. In fact I will be using that great machine after I send this e-mail. I used to spend a lot of money on alternative health treatments and now I use my iMRS, instead and thus save a lot of money. Hope that helps,
Olga Pidnebesny
Toronto, ON
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