Do You Live Near a Cellphone Tower (And How the iMRS Can Help)?

Do You Live Near a Cell Phone Tower? 
In Chapter 7 of My Book, I share research that you absolutely need to know (especially if you live in a highrise apartment complex).

Here is some research I share in my Book:

There was a study in Belo Horizonte, Brazil done in 2011 by the Brazilian government that showed that people closer to the base station of a cell phone tower had a higher mortality than the average population. The deleterious effects fall off rapidly after the first 100 meters, but only beyond 600 meters did the mortality rates match the average population. Other studies have been done in Germany and other parts of the world showing the dangers of living too close to a cell phone tower.

So if you live further than 600 meters you are “statistically” safe, but if you live within 600 meters (especially closer than 100 meters), you should seriously consider moving or taking measures to shield your house or apartment.

Also using the iMRS  mat twice a day for only 8 minutes helps to offset the harmful effects by resetting your body and mind to the rejuventating frequencies of the earth.

(Check out to see if you have a tower close to you.)

I felt inspired to post this today because I JUST received a nice 5 star review of my book on Amazon which ILLUSTRATES the health benefits of using the iMRS  AND moving away from a close cellphone tower:

Read this powerful Review of My Book (on Amazon) Below:

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow….. this is an excellent book!, January 5, 2014
By  E. Davies (Point Roberts, WA United States) -
“Finally a book that helps me to understand why the therapy works. This is my story, right down to the lack of energy, telling my doctor that I felt as though I was not creating ATP, shortly afterwards I stumbled upon a clinic in my neighborhood and they gave me a live blood analysis which showed coin stacked or rouleauxed blood cells, that made sense, after a short session on the PEMF, another blood analysis showed some separation of the cells, they could breathe again. My energy return and pain relief was profound.

It turned out that they were using the apartment that I had recently moved into as a giant cell tower, I was 50 feet from 19 different pieces of equipment. Needless to say I bought a machine and I moved, thankfully I am fully recovered.

I still use the machine daily, I have sensitivities to EMR, and we are becoming more and more immersed in this technology,for me this is one of the answers this new challenge, I would not be without this therapy.”

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