iMRS Mat: How Does It Stack Up To Other Pulsed Magnetic Therapy Devices?

The new iMRS (iMRS = intelligent magnetic resonance stimulation), is the most advanced and effective PEMF therapy device available today. Plus, it’s the only PEMF mat that duplicates the natural frequencies of the earth, the Schumann and Geomagnetic fields.


When shopping for a pulsed magnetic therapy device, there are 3 broad categories of products. The first is the cheap handheld devices that only work (marginally at best) on a localized area. I have personally tried most of these devices and they are not worth the time or investment. Some are even battery operated, which gives weak and inconsistent power outputs. Plus you cannot tap into one of the main benefits of PEMF therapy, which is the full body mat (I’ll explain in the next paragraph). Then there is the expensive PEMF devices ($15,000++) that are either difficult to use OR they operate at unnatural and potentially dangerously high frequencies and intensities.


Then there are the high quality full body mat devices. These units are the best for home use and this is what I wholeheartedly recommend. When PEMF therapy was featured on the Dr. Oz show, Dr. Oz also recommended a full body mat PEMF device. Examples of the full body mat devices include the iMRS, MRS 2000, QRS 101, and Bemer 3000. With a full body mat device you can tap into the FULL benefits of PEMF therapy by working on the WHOLE BODY AND also localized areas. NOTE: All these PEMF machines with a full body mat have localized pillow/pad applicators and pen/probe applicators for spot healing. Even if you have a localized issue, you always want to start with 8 minutes on the full body mat. The full body mat opens up circulation, recharges your 100 trillion cells, oxygenates your body, relieves tension, reduces and eliminates pain and overall helps to relax the body and mind. I tell people, it’s like a whole body battery recharger, and at the cellular level, that’s an accurate description. You do not get this with the cheap localized units or even the expensive pemf machines.


16 Reasons why the iMRS mat is the leader of the pack


1) It’s the ONLY PEMF device that uses exclusively earth-based and brain state frequencies (roughly 0-30 Hz).


2) It’s the only PEMF machine that incorporates the 10 Hz NASA proven squarewave on the applicators for healing and regeneration.


3) It has a pure pulsating magnetic magnetic with 3 pairs of pure copper that is tightly wound. Most competitors use a mesh and plastic tubing that is not a pure field.


4) It simulates the earth with a graduated intensity from head to feet. This gives the gentlest intensity to head and neck and a stronger field strength to torso and feet.


5) It has a built in biorhythm clock to give you the ideal frequency for the time of day. In the morning the setting is primarily 15 Hz (beta brainwave for energy and alertness) and towards the evening and before bed it goes to theta and delta for deep relaxation and sleep. No other system has this.


6) The polarity on the mat changes every two minutes.


7) It has the only picotesla setting critical for people with chemical sensitivities.


8) The new anodized steel probe has the NASA square wave and a NEW higher intensity setting (up to 300 uT).


9) It has a new iGUIDE for practitioners with over 250 preset conditions.


10) The new iSLRS light and sound, which synchronizes the light and sound with the frequencies in the mat.


11) The only PEMF system with a HRV biofeedback that puts using the system on autopilot and balances the central nervous system.


12) It is sleek, portable and made of quality materials. It is now easy to fold and comes with a free travel bag.


13) It has a solid unconditional 3-year warranty with available extended warranty options of 4 and 5 years.


14) It’s simple and easy to use.


15) Optional accessories such as a lithium ion battery, travel mat, car adaptor and more.


16) The only PEMF device that is completely upgradeable with SD cards.


I hope this article has been helpful in your quest for optimal health and wellness. PEMF therapy is the best that energy medicine has to offer and the iMRS is the clear and decisive leader in full body mat pemf therapy.


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